Planning like a pro

Woah! Hubby and I are spending our days working, taking care of and playing with our kids, and...


Haha, I'm writing this in a hotel... working between meetings here and there. The waiter brings my tea and offers me a choice of flavors, saying "that this may be your most important choice for today" with a big smile :) . I hope so too, but fear otherwise. At least I also already know what's for dinner :)


So, where was I. Right, next to work and kids, we're having our dream house built. I know a lot of moms who are in kind of the same boat. That was a lot in itself, but three weeks ago our dear nanny announced she'd leave around mid July. Panic all over!! It was unexpected and it's sad to see her leave, but the impact on my agenda is not small either. Every week since then hubby has spent five (5!!) hours per week in search of a new nanny. Writing a job posting, calling potential candidates we already knew, getting nanny agencies to search with us, et cetera. That's a small part-time job on its own :) And so far, no result. Hmmm. 


However, to add this new hobby to my schedule takes some pro planning skills I didn't know I had. Like abs. So, how do you do all that???


1) Let's start with the fortunate fact that hubby and I can share the load and we tend to do that quite intentionally. Most Sundays we have some sort of (very informal) planning meeting. Usually when our kids need downtime and are watching Shaun the Sheep, or in the car when we are going on an outing. This way, we know what's coming at us the following week and what important actions we need to take. Divide and conquer. 


2) Meal plan. This is becoming quite boring but during the past half-year, we've been eating pasta every Wednesday and pizza every Thursday. We always plan meals for a week ahead and have groceries delivered accordingly. If we watch the deals, delivery is usually free or discounted. 


... Meeting starts. More in due time! xox

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