About Three Times to the Moon

Hi, I'm Marthe

And I am here for you to help you live your dream life!


On the picture...

is not my husband :) I have to update this photo, it was provided as an example by the hosting company :) :) 

Good thing it is not my husband 'cause I don't like beards at all. They hurt my chin. 



Are you a mom who is overwhelmed by your to do list? 
Do you doubt how to manage all your roles and jobs and tasks and, as if, good self care?

Do you sleep too little because of everything you feel like you have to do? 

I am with you! I'm on and off in the same boat but I do know the tricks and I would love to help you!

My family

My familie currently consists of me, my husband Christian, my three dear sons Willem (4), Florian (2) and Silvijn (1), and a fourth one in my belly! 

We also have two lovely lovebirds who the boys take care of more and more. 

Where to find me

Offline I live in the south of The Netherlands, providing you with direct, modern and humorous advice - Dutch style. Online I live at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and on the blog, of course. You can make an appointment with me via Calendly.