Work with me with a....

Plan a Free Get-to-know-each-other Session

We'll meet online for 30 minutes in which you can ask me anything about:

- what' s bugging you most in your life as a busy working mom right now

- what help you would need

- what I can do for you with Three Times to the Moon - Mentoring for Moms

I will immediately give you tips and feedback to improve your daily flow, so your precious time is worth it!

Do you need a Worry Relieve Session to combat Overwhelm?

This session is for you if your head is overflowing with things to do, worries about your kids and o, you have a private life as well which you really don't get to anymore... and you don't know where to start.


After applying you will fill in a questionnaire, which I will review. Then, in a 90 minutes 1:1 virtual Mentoring Session we will dissect you biggest worry and define short and long term actions on it. We will clear your head and fill up your toolbox so that you can have a good nights' sleep again. You will leave the call with ready-to-execute strategies to infuse your life with more balance.


Currently on offer for only 99 euros!  

Or what about a Mentoring program: Back to work, forward to your dream life!

This short and sweet program is for you if you are a mom who needs to get back to work and you don't know how to balance it with your family and your private life. Whether you are a new mom or more experienced, whether you have a job to return to or not, this program will set you up for success! But... we do not only focus on work. Instead we will upgrade your life as a whole and fit work nicely in it, between you being a mom and fulfilling other roles. 


You can schedule a free informative session of 30 minutes, for which you will need to fill in a short questionnaire. At the end of that session, when you're applicable,  we will plan our sessions and you will do some starting homework. We will tailor four weekly, one-hour sessions to your specific needs. You will leave each one with actions you can immediately take to assemble your dream life!  At the end of the four to five weeks, you will have a clear view and action plan to move forward to your ideal life, including work-other things-balance and fewer worries left! 


Currently 3 spots available for only 249 euros! 

Testimonial for this Package (in Dutch):

"Voor mij als jonge moeder en professional ligt de hele wereld voor me open. Welke prioriteiten wil ik stellen? Wat vind ik nu belangrijk? Marthe Renders heeft als coach in zeer korte tijd (wat prettig is als je snel knopen door wilt hakken) met mij scherpte gekregen in mijn toekomstplannen. Bij Marthe kun je er op rekenen dat wat ze zegt weloverwogen is, gestoeld op ervaring als moeder, maar zeker niet minder ook als zakenvrouw. Ze begrijpt als geen ander wat de uitdagingen zijn en hoe ermee te dealen. Na elk gesprek waren er relevante oefeningen - op maat voor mijn situatie - die op een vriendelijke manier opgevolgd werden. Ik heb Marthe ervaren als een no-nonsense coach die zonder veel poespas helpt te komen tot een oplossing. Die gesprekken kan ik eigenlijk iedereen aanraden."

Treat yourself to the VIP Mentoring Program - I have your back!

Sometimes in life, you need a little more support. You want to vent to a person who has no obligations for anyone other than you. You need to feel encouraged by someone who knows your boat and doesn't judge on how YOU want to flow through your weeks. You would benefit from a coach who gives you loving butt kicks to make your dream life possible.


Well, I would love to have your back! In this superspecial 1:1 VIP Mentoring Program I will be there for you via app/messenger, email check in every three days,  and four mentoring calls per month. We will partner up for four to six months, to get you through your rough patch and get your life rolling like a Mississippi steam boat! 


What makes it extra special is that I will teach you how to align your actions and thoughts towards a dream life at this moment. I will teach you how to manifest flow and ease into your days, and upgrade your life over time. I would love to see the results in you, which I know are possible through my own experience! 


I would be most happy to discuss this program with you in a 30 minute complimentary session. Access to this super intensive program is based on applicability, so you will have to fill in a questionnaire afterwards and we have an informative session again. This can be arranged very soon after each other. If we decide to work together, we will go plan out our months and set specific goals, in a two hour kick off session. 


Currently one spot available, four months for just 1999 euros! Payment plan possible.